Best Incubator For Duck Eggs 2023

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You may think that incubation is a simple process, where you just need to keep the eggs warm for hatching. But it’s not just about keeping the eggs warm. There are several other factors to keep in mind when incubating duck eggs. To increase your hatching rate, you need to get the optimal temperature, humidity and air quality inside your incubator. 

A high hatching rate can also be achieved if you know how much light your duck eggs need during incubation. To help you with all these aspects, we have compiled a list of the best incubators for duck eggs available online. Read on to discover more about these products and their primary features so you can make an informed decision before buying one.

Best Incubator For Duck Eggs 2023

PhotoName Check priceBrand Features
Magicfly Digital Mini Fully Automatic Egg Incubator
Check PriceBrinsea • 24 chicken egg capacity
• Temperature factory preset at 99.5F
• easy tamper-proof adjustment
• For wide range of egg sizes
• Easy to clean
Manna Pro Harris Farms Nurture Right Incubator Check PriceMagicfly • Automatic Egg Turning
• Compact Desgin
• Durable
• Reliable
• Easy to Use
Farm Innovators 4250 Air IncubatorCheck PriceHarris Farms • 22 EGG CAPACITY
ABS Digital Automatic Digital Poultry Hatching MachineCheck PriceFarm Innovators • Digital Display Shows Temperature
• easy to use
• easy to clean
• Fast & Accurate
ZJDU Egg Incubator Digital Automatic IncubatorsCheck PriceKEPKGO• More Power Saving
• Lovely Cartoon Expression
• Increase Hatchability
• heat preservation
• heat resistance
• corrosion resistance
ZJDU Incubator, Professional Cabinet IncubatorCheck PriceZJDU • Automatic Egg Turning
• LED Display& ABS
• Digital Temperature Control
• Energy conservation
• 36-140 Eggs capacity
XUXUWA Egg IncubatorsCheck PriceZJDU nnovative dual system
• Automatic egg turning system
• Automatic control system
• Dual-purpose
Brinsea Products Check PriceXUXUWA • TEMPERATURE CONTROL
• LED Display
• Transparent Walls
Name Check PriceBrinsea • Easy to use
• Easy to clean
• Excellent visibility
• Programmable automatic egg turning

1) Manual Products Egg Incubator For Hatching 24 Duck Eggs By Brinsea

Check Price

One of the best incubator for duck eggs 2023 is the Brinsea Products Egg Incubator. This incubator has a factory preset temperature of 99.5F, and also features a flashing temperature indicator to ensure accurate temperature readings. 

Additionally, the incubator has a robust hygienic ABS plastics casing to keep your eggs safe and clean. This incubator also comes with a one-year warranty, making it a great choice for those who want to hatch their own duck eggs.

Product Dimensions 13 x 9.5 x 10 inches; 8 Pounds
Date First Available ‏ : December 28, 2012
Manufacturer Brinsea Products
Item model number USAE21C

Manual Products Egg Incubator For Hatching 24 Duck Eggs By Brinsea First Hand Review Video

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2) Mini Digital Fully Automatic Egg Incubator For 9 to 12 Chicken, Duck, Goose Eggs Hatcher By Magicfly

Check Price

This small and simple incubator that can handle 9 to 12 chicken or duck eggs, the Magicfly mini digital fully automatic egg incubator is a great option. It is made from durable and healthy PP+ABS material, and features automatic egg turning and temperature control for ease of use. The incubator is also very user-friendly and easy to operate. Plus, it comes with a one-year warranty, so you can be sure that it will last.

Product Dimensions 13.98 x 7.48 x 6.89 inches
Item Weight 4.84 pounds
Manufacturer Magicfly
Item model number FBA_Magicfly-MF014

Mini Digital Fully Automatic Egg Incubator For 9 to 12 Chicken, Duck, Goose Eggs Hatcher By Magicfly First Hand Review Video

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3) Manna Pro  Nurture Egg Right Incubator By Harris Farm

Check Price

The Manna Pro Nurture Egg Right Incubator is a top of the line product that provides 360° visibility, 360° induced airflow, and an automatic egg turner. The auto-stop function prevents the eggs from overcooking, and the 22 egg capacity means that you can incubate a large number of eggs at one time. This incubator is perfect for duck eggs and provides everything you need to ensure that your eggs hatch successfully.

Brand Harris Farms
Flavor Egg, Duck, Chicken
Age Range (Description) All Life Stages
Target Species Bird
Item Form Capsule

Manna Pro  Nurture Egg Right Incubator By Harris Farm First Hand Review Video

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4) 4250 White Heated Digital Circulated Air Incubator  By Farm Innovators

Check Price

If you are looking for an incubator that is reliable and easy to use, then the Farm Innovators 4250 is a great option. This incubator features an automatic egg turner to help improve hatching rates, as well as a digital display that shows the temperature and days to hatch count down timer. 

The Incutek heater is fast and accurate, and is able to heat up to 100 degrees within minutes. This incubator also comes with a 40 watt Pro Incubator, which is perfect for small projects or incubating eggs without a turner.

Product Dimensions ‎ 18 x 18 x 8 inches; 8 Pounds
Date First Available ‏ : July 6, 2017
Manufacturer  Farm Innovators Pet Products
Item model number 4250

4250 White Heated Digital Circulated Air Incubator  By Farm Innovators First Hand Review Video

Video Source: Tsquare Talk

5) Digital Automatic Poultry Hatching Machine By KEPKGO

Check Price

The KEPKGO digital automatic poultry hatching machine is one of the most popular incubators on the market, and for good reason. This incubator features temperature control and an automatic thermostat egg turner to ensure that your eggs are always at the optimal temperature for hatching. 

Additionally, this mini incubator has a breeder hatcher option to increase hatchability. And finally, the KEPKGO is more power saving than other incubators, meaning you’ll save money on your electric bill.

Date First Available ‏ :  August 5, 2020
Manufacturer ‏ :  KEPKGO
ASIN ‏ :  B08FBK32L3
Item model number ‏ :  SKU3415

Digital Automatic Poultry Hatching Machine By KEPKGO First Hand Review Video

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6) Digital Automatic Egg Incubators with Turning, Chicken, Duck, Quail, Goose, Birds Eggs for Hatching Maximum of 140 Egg By ZJDU

Check Price

ZJDU digital automatic egg incubators are perfect for chicken, duck, quail, goose and birds eggs. The LED display and digital temperature control make it easy to use. Automatic egg turning and energy conservation make it a great choice for those who are looking for an incubator. The size is 21.5″ x 21.5″ x 17.7″.

Manufacturer ZJDU

The Best Incubator For Duck Eggs 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

What Is An Incubator For Duck Eggs?

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An incubator is a device that helps hatch eggs by providing a controlled environment to regulate the temperature and humidity. It also keeps a track of the air quality so that bacteria is not allowed to grow inside. Since the process of incubating duck eggs is similar to incubating chicken eggs, most incubators can be used for both types of eggs.

It is essential to maintain a stable temperature and humidity level inside the incubator for the eggs to hatch successfully. If the temperature or humidity levels fluctuate, it can cause the eggs to stop developing or even die. The temperature for incubating duck eggs is 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit (37.5 degrees Celsius). The relative humidity inside the incubator should be around 55-60%.

Who Needs An Incubator For Duck Eggs?

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If you are a duck farmer or have ducks as pets, you need an incubator to hatch your duck eggs. And if you want to incubate your eggs at home, you need an incubator too. However, some people prefer to let nature do its job and incubate their eggs without an incubator. If you are one of these people, you should know that the hatching rate is not very high when you do it naturally. 

Not to mention the increased risk of bacterial infection and fungus inside the eggs due to poor hygiene. If you want to hatch your eggs at home, an incubator is the best choice. If you want your children to learn the process of hatching eggs in school, an incubator is an excellent learning tool. If you have a large number of duck eggs, incubating them all at once is the best way to go.

Benefits Of Having An Incubator For Duck Eggs

If you have an incubator, you can hatch eggs of different species at any time.

  • You don’t need to wait for the right season or have the right weather conditions. You can also control the temperature, humidity and air quality inside your incubator. This ensures that your eggs hatch successfully without any health issues.
  • You can incubate duck eggs as well as chicken eggs in the same incubator. It helps save a lot of time and money.
  • You don’t have to buy a different incubator for every species of eggs. It is a great way to teach your children about the process of hatching eggs.

Types Of Incubator For Duck Eggs

Box Incubator

This incubator is a classic design that has been used for decades. It is affordable, easy to use and easy to maintain. This incubator can be used by both professional breeders and home hobbyists. It is available in different sizes and configurations. The biggest advantage of using this incubator is that it is easy to clean and sterilize. You can easily remove the trays inside the incubator to clean the entire set-up.

The other significant advantage of this incubator is that it is very convenient to use. You don’t need to keep adjusting the temperature or humidity levels. The temperature inside the incubator is consistent, without any fluctuations. These incubators are not very spacious, so you can’t place many trays inside. You can incubate only 10-12 trays of duck eggs at a time. The space inside the incubator is not sufficient enough to keep the eggs warm and humid.

Manual Incubator

An incubator manual is the most basic and economical way to incubate duck eggs. Although this incubator doesn’t come with additional features like an automatic thermostat or humidity sensors, it is an excellent option for someone who is starting out and only wants to incubate a few eggs at a time. A manual incubator is quite easy to use. You just need to make sure that the eggs inside the incubator stay warm and moist.

You can use a bowl of water to make the humidity level inside the incubator higher, or you can place a wet sponge inside the incubator. Since a manual incubator doesn’t have any automatic feature, you have to keep a close watch on the temperature and humidity levels inside the incubator. If you notice that the temperature or humidity is too low or high, you have to manually adjust it. A manual incubator is an affordable option that is ideal for newbies and those who want to incubate a small number of eggs.

Electric Incubator

An electric incubator is an automatic incubator that maintains the optimal temperature and humidity inside the incubator. It has an inbuilt sensor that measures the temperature inside the incubator and controls it automatically. An incubator like this is a great option for an amateur who wants to incubate large quantities of eggs.

You can place a large number of trays inside a large incubator. An electric incubator comes with a built-in fan to circulate the air inside the incubator. The fan also helps to maintain a high humidity level inside the incubator. There are different types of electric incubators available in the market. Some of them have an automatic temperature and humidity control feature, while some don’t.

Features To Look When Buying Incubator For Duck Eggs

Egg Capacity

An incubator’s capacity is the number of eggs it can hold at a time. For example, an incubator with a capacity of 48 is suitable for incubating 48 eggs at a time.

If you are incubating a few eggs at a time, you can go for a small incubator with a low capacity. If you are incubating a large number of eggs, then you can go for a high capacity incubator.

You must keep in mind that the more eggs you are incubating, the more space you will need inside the incubator. If you are incubating many eggs at a time, it is better to go for a large capacity incubator.


An incubator must maintain the right temperature to hatch duck eggs. Duck eggs need to be kept at an optimal temperature of 99-102 degrees Fahrenheit to hatch. You can keep your eggs at this temperature in any incubator, as long as you maintain a consistent temperature for the entire duration. If you are incubating the duck eggs in a manual incubator, you can use an incubator thermometer to measure the temperature inside the incubator.


Humidity refers to the amount of water in the air. The right humidity level inside an incubator increases the chances of hatching eggs. If the humidity level inside the incubator is too low, the eggs will become desiccated and die. If it is too high, the eggs won’t hatch. You can measure the humidity level inside an incubator with a hygrometer. There are incubators that have a built-in hygrometer, but you can also use a hygrometer for other incubators.

Air Circulation

The air inside the incubator must circulate well to keep the humidity level optimal. The air inside the incubator must flow in one direction only. If the air inside the incubator is flowing in different directions, the humidity inside the incubator will increase, leading to desiccation of the eggs.

If the air inside the incubator circulates well, you don’t have to worry about humidity levels.

Day-Lighting Systems

A day-lighting system is a light source that is used to mimic the natural light that is received during the day in an outdoor environment. This light source provides light for 16-20 hours during the day in an indoor incubator, helping the eggs to hatch quickly. If you are incubating duck eggs in an indoor incubator, it is better to use a day-lighting system.

This system will help the ducklings to hatch faster and swim in the water at a younger age. The day-lighting system will also make the eggs stronger, so you don’t need to worry about the ducklings breaking out of their shells. If you are incubating duck eggs in an outdoor incubator, you can skip the day-lighting system. The natural light present in an outdoor environment is sufficient to hatch the eggs.

Durability and Reliability

Selecting an incubator for your duck eggs comes with certain challenges. There are incubators for chickens and for other species as well. But what works for some species might not work for ducks. You need to choose an incubator that is suitable for both the duck eggs and the ducklings. A good incubator should be easy to clean, durable, easy to set up, and safe to operate.

You must also find out what features an incubator has. Is it reliable enough to hatch your eggs? Typically, you can find incubators that are meant for chicken, quail, and general egg hatching as well. But when it comes to ducks, you need to be more careful. The ideal incubator for duck eggs should have features such as humidity control, adjustable temperature, built-in thermometer and hygrometer, and a place for eggs to sit.

Tips On How To Hatch Duck Eggs In Incubator

  1. Place your eggs inside the incubator – Before you place the eggs inside the incubator, mark the date of lay on each egg. This will help you keep track of their age. Check the temperature and humidity
  2. Make sure the incubator is set to the right temperature and humidity. Controlling these two parameters is crucial for hatching your eggs successfully. Follow a proper feeding routine – Feeding your eggs at the right time is extremely important. You need to feed them once a day and in the right amount.
  3. Clean the incubator regularly – Proper cleaning can help you avoid bacterial growth inside your incubator. Make sure to clean the incubator at least once a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Incubator Is Better For Duck Eggs, An Electric One Or A Manual One?

Both manual and electric incubators are equally good for incubating duck eggs. However, an electric incubator is better than a manual one as it has better control over the temperature, humidity and air quality.

Is It Safe To Incubate Duck Eggs In An Incubator Used For Chicken Eggs?

Yes, it is safe. Both eggs are of the same species and the incubation process is similar.

How Do You Know When To Turn Your Eggs?

With a manual incubator, you can see the air sac under the shell of the egg growing with the growth of the embryo inside. A digital incubator comes with an alarm that will alert you when it’s time to turn the eggs.

How Long Do You Keep Duck Eggs In An Incubator For?

For duck eggs, you need a longer incubation period of around 28 days.


Incubators are a great way to hatch your eggs at home. And if you are a duck farmer, they are a must-have product. Make sure to pick the right incubator according to your needs. A high-quality incubator can help you increase your hatching rate. If you are interested in breeding ducks, make sure to buy an incubator for duck eggs. 

For the optimal hatching rate, you need to pay attention to the optimal temperature, humidity, and air quality inside the incubator. A digital incubator with a thermometer and hygrometer built in will help you to achieve all this. With these things in mind, you should be able to select the best incubator for duck eggs.


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